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 Wealth distribution and sharing have always been at the heart of the idea that is W.R.K.S Games. We want everyone in the world to be able to own a share of our success.
More info on this coming late 2019.

W.R.K.S Games was founded in 2017 and self-funded its way to its first game launch in 2019


Financial Top Line






2019 gross revenue estimate


2020 Gross Revenue Estimate


number of shares

100 000


owned by founder (100% voting rights)


reserved for employees


owned by outside investors


value per share


how we calculate company value

( est. gross revenue over 3 years coming + current assets - current liabilities ) x 3

est. gross 3 years


we count hard income only, no soft fake values

current assets


we are a virtual company, no fixed office or infrastructure

current liabilities


no debt, no future liabilities in the books, no financial risks