Blood Bond

Blood Bond - Into the Shroud is our first game in the Jordenheim® universe. Exploring the dynamic between children and parents, this side scrolling adventure game will take you on a journey into the Shroud itself - on a rescue mission like no other!


Dive into a Deep Story

Blood Bond is a story driven game exploring the relationships of children and parents, the challenges of responsibility and the need to work together to achieve great deeds. Become the hero or heroine as you seek out your estranged Viking warrior father and build an alliance of necessity - in search of your kidnapped mother.

Encounter a Rich World

Jordenheim is a rich setting mixing the 1000s AD Viking history on Earth with the lore and mythology of the era and the people. The threat of Christianity invading the Nordic lands through Denmark and pushing back the pagan beliefs of the Viking culture has caused the north of Sweden to become veiled under The Shroud. Magical creatures, mystical elements and a unique environment encompassing the old Viking mythology has sought refuge there.

Experience the shroud

From Dwarves to Dark Elves, Trolls to Goblins - The Shroud is a place of many foes and certain death to the unprepared traveller. The creatures and magic of old that permeates The Shroud makes for a diverse and challenging set of obstacles as both ecology and bestiary are lined up against you on your journey of rescue and discovery.

Blood Bond Saga Launch Timeline