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About W.R.K.S Games

We have started a mission: To be a great independent game developer and publisher. To be an exemplary employer in the gaming space.

Careers With Us

Joining us means being part of our mission. We embrace the freedom of the 21st Century wherever you are, you can be one of us.

Us Includes You

Transparency, inclusion, community. To our gaming communities, but also to how we share our growth and distribute the wealth we create.

The Benefits?

For Our Community

We build an ecosystem of rich, unique content for gamers, creators and us to exist in.

For Our Team

We foster corporate citizenship allowing great talent to add value to both our mission and themselves.

For the World

Our community should be enchanted by the content we create, but also share in the wealth we generate.

The Games


We go in-depth into lore in our Jordenheim Universe site.

Blood Bond

Discover the Jordenheim world through the Blood Bond PC game franchise.

Video Content

We are creating original video content for our world's through 2020 and beyond.

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