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We only hire freelancers, for short term, temporary and full time work. We hire from all over the world.



For the Bank Account

A Good Salary
equal to everyone else’s, we are all valued the same
Revenue Share
equal share of the profits each year
to whole team

For the Soul

100% Remote Work
unlimited paid leave so that your work and life is balanced
Our Goals, Your Way
we direct your work, but you decide how you do it

For Your Future

Share Option Package
after second year and every year from then
Healthcare and Pension
after your 5th year and every year from then

The Team


Kosala “Kos” ubayasekara

Founder and CEO
Creative and Technical Direction

- core freelance team -


Cornelia Booysen
Florian Herald
Sebastian Bielecki

Music and Sound

Christoph Barth


Lionel Arucy

QA and Testing

Vulpe Radhu

Community and Marketing

Cattie Thompson

Voice Acting

Alma Spahr
Tigran Bleyan


Dan Cross


Thor Magnusson | Ben Reid


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Before You Apply

  1. We hire freelancers only. There are no permanent positions at our main office in the UK.

  2. We hire experienced people only - minimum 5 years professional history required (does not need to be in the game industry, but does need to be relevant to your skills).

  3. We do not care about formal education at all in most cases, unless specifically asked for.

  4. You must speak and write fluent english and be computer literate (able to use Microsoft Office, online tools etc fluently).

  5. We do performance based hiring, expect to be tested on your skills or if you are a creative have a very strong portfolio of work.

  6. We do not hire people that do not game. We will be asking for your steam profile to verify that you are indeed a gaming enthusiast. That does not mean you need to game every day, but if the last time you played a game was 3 years ago - that might be a problem.

Current Openings

[Content Editor]
Min 5 years as an editor in a publication or paper dedicated to gaming or creative media
Advanced degree in English or Literature
Ability to plan and execute editing of written content across websites, game scripts, publications and interactive content in a versatile and organised manner
A passion for good creative writing and the strength of the english word in moving emotions and ideas in readers
Exceptional computer skills and internet versatility, comfortable with online tools and Office package

Compensation: 2.5 days per month paid at £500/month.

email: with your application