Our New Site Launches

After one year of work, the game has moved passed concept and the first screenshots and game content are ready to go public soon. We have on-boarded our first investor and our first game is fully funded to the finish line. So, I thought it was time to move past our placeholder website and really invest in a scalable site design that matched our visual and content requirements.

Interaction as the focus

The front page has been designed in a grid style blog to allow showcasing of changing and new content effectively. All these articles are commentable and shareable and we encourage you to opinionate freely with us. Comments are moderated, but only to make sure offensive content is not posted as we expect to have young adults and older children among our visitors.

The Universe and the Game

We are as focused on creating a compelling game universe as we are in the quality of the games that exist within that universe. We have separated Jordenheim into its own universe section where you can explore the wider universe and embrace the depth of the content we are going to be adding there over time.

Our first game Blood Bond has received its own section and you can explore the game and its content there.

A Feast for the Eyes

Our media section now will house screenshots, concepts and artwork spanning multiple games, for those moments when you just want to chill and click through pretty pictures.

I hope you enjoy the new site and I can promise we will be filling it with some great content on a regular basis over the months and years to come. Thanks for being part of our community!