Our Recruiting Philisophies

No Boundaries


We hire from all over the world. You can work from where you are and at your own schedule.

If you have skills we need, but you have disabilities that stand in your way - we will find ways to work around them.

We don't believe that smart, dedicated, driven people need to be monitored. We treat you with the respect you deserve and expect from you an output worthy of that.

Judge by Talent


We look for diamonds in all shapes and sizes. We do not discriminate by age, gender, race or religion.

We look for contribution and excellence towards our goals. We recruit based on tests and skills.

We have a big goal and think everyone's contribution to that is equal. We pay the same base salary to everyone and increase that base salary every year.

Build a Community


Getting in our door is hard. But when you are here, we make sure you know your special.

You belong to autonomous, self regulating teams. Kosala lays down the vision, we get there together.

There are no bosses. Only disciplines you practise. Growth of the company should include growing you as a person and challenging you to improve.

At W.R.K.S Games our goal is not to just be a great game developer - but to also strive to be a great and ever better employer. We have taken inspiration from modern tech companies, old school corporate citizenship values and our own desire of what we want to build as a basis on which we constructed our culture and our recruitment philosophy.


Employment Package

For You

  • Great tools and systems
  • Structured processes and stress free work environment
  • Two way communication and shared ideas
  • Collaborative modern creative tech culture

For the Bank Account

  • Market value salary
  • Annual pay increase (barring weirdness)
  • Performance based shared bonus
  • Share option scheme

For the Soul

  • Flexible working hours - because we believe freedom with responsibility is the mature way to go
  • Unlimited paid leave - we judge you on performance not on hours spent
  • Training, education and self improvement