W.R.K.S Work Culture

At W.R.K.S Games our goal is not to just be a great game developer - but to also strive to be a great and ever better employer. On this page you will find why working with us is a special experience and what we expect you to contribute to it. For our current openings, check our jobs page here.

Our Ethics code

At W.R.K.S Games our code of ethics is not just words bandied around. They are in your employment contract and expected to be exemplified by all.

Sense and Sensibility
Put the company and its customers first. Don’t let yourself down, your team down or the company down.

Respect and Empathy
Treat others as you treat yourself. Diversity in all its forms is embraced at W.R.K.S and we are free of judgement and discrimination.

Accountability and Ownership
Be accountable for your work and the quality of your output. Be accountable for your team. Assist, empower and lead with positive example.

Our Gamer Code

To build great games you need a vision. But to instil discipline in how and why we build those games, you need a guiding set of principles that govern decisions and choices.

Quality Above Everything
Our view is that in all aspects of the game development we should aim as high as we can and do the best we can do.

Listen to the Community
We believe that games are better if built with the fans that play it. We aim to release inclusive Early Access and Beta stages often.

Release When Done
Commercial gains do not trump game play enjoyment. We do not release on marketing schedules, we release when the game is truly ready and playing the way we meant it to play.


Employment Benefits

For You

  • Great tools and systems
  • Structured processes and stress free work environment
  • Two way communication and shared ideas
  • Collaborative modern creative tech culture

For The Bank Account

  • Market value salary
  • Annual pay reviews
  • Performance based shared bonus
  • Share option scheme

For The Soul

  • Flexible working hours - because we believe freedom with responsibility is the mature way to go
  • Unlimited paid leave - we judge you on performance not on hours spent
  • 3 months additional paid maternity and paternity leave at full pay for all permanent staff - because your children matter
  • Training, education and self improvement