Core game design values

A selection of values govern how we design our games and these underpin everything from design decisions to team actions that we take when designing, launching and supporting our games.


player first

In all things we put the player first. Every game should deliver a quality game experience. We ship nothing till we are genuinely ready. There is nothing worse than a gamer putting down hard earned money on a game that is unfinished, buggy or less than a great experience. We have been there, we get it.


fun over everything else

Our games should first and foremost - be fun to play. No amount of visual pizzazz or marketing grandeur can make up for a dull game. Fun mechanics, great progression and a rewarding experience are at the heart of our game design. 


never repeat

The game industry is a fickle place. And most companies stick to bankable franchises. This is not our way. We will never repeat ourselves with version 2, 3 and 4 of a game. Our goal is to create a deep, rich and diverse game universe and then build you many different types of gaming experiences inside it.