The Universe of Jordenheim

1052 Jordenheim, the warring Pagan tribes that eventually evolved into the adventurous breed named Vikings, were a dying race at this point in history. Kinshine from lower Europe had emerged into Denmark and seeped into the other countries soon after. The good news: it united indifferent and aggressive tribes under a unified whole; the bad news: it did this with brute aggression against the old pagan ways (considered ‘Barbaric’ by them), with converting done by force instead of benevolence.

Life In Jordenheim

Jordenheim is a mixture of real world Viking history and mythology with a healthy dose of creative additions from our own minds. Mixing the depth and richness of Scandinavian history with the mystical and magical additions of our own creative efforts, our goal was to create a world we can build games in for years.

Outside the Shroud


Most of the world of Jordenheim derives heavily from Scandinavian history and culture. The sights and sounds of Norway and Sweden are abundant in our creation of this rich world.

Inside the Shroud


Inside the Shrouded realm, creatures of myth and magic from Scandinavian folklore have fled the encroachment of civilisation, to create a home of their own. Read about the region, its magic and myths.