The Shroud

The Shroud is inhabited by creatures of mystical and dark origins that used to run free all across Scandinavia, but as the world grew more civil and populated their habitations grew further back into this one sacred environment, and their legacy continued solely through folktales of peasants.

The nature is wild and unkempt, but also grown differently, as if the the blood and sweat from these strange creatures would drip into the soil and effect all around it - plants turning their tone neon or other outlandish colours, water running thicker and stronger, rocks brittle and intimidating.

Originally in Midgard, the humans and other creatures existed one and all, but as human’s natural tendency to claim and spread, just like with the other animal species the other creatures moved back towards the wild forests, where they could live in harmony with the their old ways. As civilisation moved and Christianity spread and united the Scandinavian territories, the one last habitat that remained peaceful for the old creatures were the uncharted and untouched Northern region of Sweden - there existed a place named ’The Shrouded Realm’ - wild territory that held this creatures of old living in peace.

The territory was bordered off by a flowing river that accented the divide line. Those who risked entering past the border rarely returned, as they were made quick game for the no tolerance living on the other side. The humans that lived on the outskirts of the area respected the rules and in doing, so did the creatures of old, never venturing out and attacking the humans. It was a fine agreement that worked for a generation, yet soon things would change…

The Plush Wilds

The bottom Southern part of the Realm, located on the edges of a forest from the human’s world. It’s filled with thick and sporadic forest and plant life, growing wild and unkempt, with strange colors and tones emitting from nature, affected by the sweat, blood, and fluids of the otherworldly creatures that inhabit the area. it is the thickest and most disorientating segment of the Realm, with its large growth making navigation confusing and labyrinth like. The region is known to be inhabited by goblins, trolls and the Huldra.

The Brown Fields

A smaller region placed in the center of the Plush Wilds where the plant life has given way to a dead brown and ashy gray, nature has been infected by the deadly soul sucking creatures that claim it as their territory, making it feel like a skeletal husk of the wilds that surround it, where plant life is unable to grow and flourish. This region is inhabited by all forms of Witches and Soul Eaters, most have their lonesome Cabins scattered sporadically about, or also prefer small underground nest built out of sight.

The Barren Rocks

A region that connects with the upper border of the Plush Wilds, filled with brittle rock that heavily protrudes from the ground, both jagged and unpleasant. The upper surface is an endless sea of this uninhabitable harsh environment yet what lies beneath it is a different story. A large and vast labyrinth like a network of pathways, dwellings and even small town like societies exist in the underground - both the Dwarves and Dark Elves species. The two carry an animosity between each other so keep far about and separated.


The Ice Peaks

A mountain range in the Northern most part of the Realm linking with the Barren Rocks as the section turns to cold heights. Its peaks signify the top border of the Region with the other side linking to the coastal borders of Norway. Harsh cold, snow, and freezing temperatures span over the entire region that not even the supernatural creatures of the Realm can easily survive, yet rumors that some sort of society has been built by a mysterious and tough species are cast across the Realm, yet no one has ever lived to tell tales about them