The Characters


Birger the Bastard

A dual axe wielding, binge-drinking, Viking bad ass from a different time - Birger was once everything a Viking hero should be.

Things have changed quite a bit since then and when our young hero unites with his/her father - he is really more into the binge drinking than the fighting.

Birger is a melee brawler and prefers to fight up close and personal. His abilities are heavily drawn from the power and battle ethos of Viking mythology and are focused on dishing out and taking damage on a slow but large scale.

Birger plays the role of your side kick in the game and acompanies you through your journey in Blood Bond. He is not a playable character.


Left behind by her Father at birth, Astrid grew up never knowing Birger. She was raised by her mother and the only life she knows is the one in the village. Looking like a younger version of her mother, yet before the pride and joy completely vanished.

She is loner and outcast from the village, enjoys the solitary peace of the wilderness instead, and practising her magic arts and archery.

Astrid is an archer and ranged magic user, relying on raw power of witch magic and harnessing of natural eldritch forces to deal damage from a distance.

Astrid is your main character in the game and will be played and controlled by you. Your journey in Blood Bond defines her story.


Basic Attack

Astrid's basic bow attack.

Damage: base damage
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Special: None

Nanna’s Fiery Bolt

A bolt of fire that shoots towards the enemy.

Damage: base damage x 4
Cooldown: 45 seconds