Tester Signup

Thank you for wanting to take part in our focus group tests. Focus group tests are testing runs with very early builds. Often in Alpha and early Beta, before the general public receives the version that is being tested. This period is vital for us as developers to get the first feedback from our potential user group. Participating in these early tests also qualify you to receive the final retail version of the game for free, as our thanks for taking the time to participate.

Terms and Conditions

By signing up using the form you agree to the following:

  1. I understand that I will be receiving early test builds that may be buggy or flawed
  2. I understand that I must not distribute any files I receive to anyone else
  3. I understand that I am not allowed to copy, record or show the testing of the game, or its results to anyone else and I am not allowed to post it on any public sites like YouTube or Twitch.
  4. I understand that I will only recieve the full game for free if I have actively participated in the testing and fed back my test results using the form I will receive for that.

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