Founding Team


Kosala "Kos" Ubayasekara

Founder and CEO

Kos runs the company, overall production leadership and the coding. Kos is long time gamer, serial entrepreneur and technologist with a long history in technology product innovation and design.

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Advisory and Investment Team


James Towning

James is a successful serial entrepreneur and Chairman and CEO of the Konekt Group in London and founder of BlockStars in London. A long time friend and business colleague of our Founder's, he joins us our investment adviser and seed investor.

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Team Members

We are grateful to be joined by a top notch team of freelancers both current and past, that help us bring our creations to life.


Thor Magnusson, Ben Reid

Concept Art and 2d Art

Florian Herald, Cornelia Booysen, David Fater

3d Art

Sebastian Bielecki


Christoph Barth

Video and Animation

Caleb Wissen-Bihde

Voice Acting

Alma Spahr