Game Developer | Publisher | Indie

 Our mission: to be a sustainable, long term creator of content of wholly owned IP in the gaming media industry

What Does This Mean?


For Our Community

We create an ecosystem
of rich, unique content for gamers, creators and us to exist in.

For Our Team

True corporate citizenship
allowing great talent to add value to our mission and themselves.

For The World

To be enriched by the content we create, but to also be able to share in the wealth we generate.


Design Values


when we design games and content we are driven by these values:


games for everyone

Design games that can be enjoyed by casual gamers and hardcore gamers equally.

whether you game for 1 hour at a time or 10 hours at a time - we have thought of how you play when we design games

design together

Release early, get feedback from gamers early and reward people for adding value to our games.

you get to play early in the game development process and we listen to your feedback, to build the game that is right for our community

always innovate

No sequals. Push the envelop, ourselves and the definition of what success means to us.

most of the game sales in the industry comes from sequals so this is a bold design value to have - but we believe its necessary.