1052 Jordenheim, the warring Pagan tribes that eventually evolved into the adventurous breed named Vikings, were a dying race at this point in history.

Kinshine from lower Europa had emerged into Danmark and seeped into the other countries soon after. The good news: it united indifferent and aggressive tribes under a unified whole; the bad news: it did this with brute aggression against the old pagan ways (considered ‘Barbaric’ by them), with converting done by force instead of benevolence.

The Viking became a relic, a leftover piece of a world that had lost it’s function, but not only that, everything they stood for became a point of contention for the new religious rule. Viking became ‘outlaws’, hunted down by Kinshine Militias looking to clean up the country side and rid it’s threat.

By mid 1000’s very few of the warriors remained, either killed or converted, but from those that stubbornly lived on, they would earn a living as a ‘sell sword’, or group with others to became a pack of bandits that lived off of raiding Kinshine Outposts.


In the mid lands of Northern Sverige lies a small fishing Village named Gullveig (at present day referred to as ‘Gullön’). The village sits next to a large lake, it’s water streams travelling down from the Ocean coasts of Norige, and where a healthy ecology of fish life exist. Above sits the outer border of the ’Shrouded Realm’, Gullveig the only village in the region that sits so narrowly close, yet if mutual parties stayed in their respected territories, no animosity would grow. The village as well holds bi-annual festivals to pay respect and salute the Realm, carrying out animal sacrifices to please the creatures and honour them.

Villages from the this specific era Jordenheim were built from a mixture of natural materials. Huts were structured by Wood, Stone and Clay. All communities needed to serve a specific function; if said Village was stationed near water - fishing and trade would be the village’s function, if near forest or wilderness - farming and hunting would be it’s main focus.

Villages counted on their main functions to fill their stomachs via fishing, hunting or trade, but also due to the dark supernatural elements that festered in other regions, each village would have an assigned Witch - a magician that could fight or bargain with the darker aspects of the forest to keep the village safe.

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