2d Concept Artist - Internship

Our 2d/Concept art team is responsible for visualising the Jordenheim universe. For the internship our goal is give new artists a boost to their portfolios, while providing nominal payment and the ability to work on published game products. If you are an established artist looking for work, please see our fully paid artist positions on our main job page.

You Must Have

  • A great, modern concept art style. Color or black and white. To see what we want, check out the work of our in house artists on the Media section (see menu above).
  • Take a good read through our Universe: Jordenheim section. Understand our subject matter.

We Would Like You to Have

  • No previous experience required.

Location and Remuneration

  • This is a remote working job, you can be anywhere
  • £20/per accepted artwork.

To Apply

Email the work/images you want us to consider to careers@wrks-group.com. Use Art Internship as the subject. Send us as many or as few images as you like. If we want to use any of them, we will message back and arrange payment for that piece before using it. We will never use any work you send, or parts of work you send, in anything we do without payment first.