The Blood Bond Saga

Blood Bond - Into the Shroud is our first game in the Jordenheim® universe. Exploring the dynamic between children and parents, this side scrolling adventure game will take you on a journey into the Shroud itself - on a rescue mission like no other! The Blood Bond saga will play out over one main game title and 2-3 DLCs coming out over 2018-2019. Explore the game and the story below.

A Deep Story


Blood Bond is a story driven game exploring the relationships of children and parents, the challenges of responsibility and the need to work together to achieve great deeds.

The Characters


Blood Bond is a story driven puzzle adventure game, that takes you on a ride of exploration and discovery through our world of Jordenheim. Play as one of two characters as you explore the game world.

The Comics


The Legends of the Shroud series is a line of comic books that explores the histories and stories of the main characters in the Blood Bond game. In this first issue we meet Johanna and Mads for the first time.