BETA Tester Feedback

Thanks for taking the time to test our game. Each testing cycle is designed to test specific things for us and the questionnaire below will guide you to providing the feedback that we require in each stage. Enjoy!

Graphics *
Indicate based on your experience how you would rate the following:
The graphics were on par with or better than a typical modern PC RPG
The game ran fluidly on my machine, with no major frame rate issues
The game visual style was enjoyable
The Game World *
The Game World
Indicate based on your immersion factor you felt in the game world:
The visuals and sounds immersed me into the world of Jordenheim
I felt connected to Astrid the main character and interested in her story
The starting quests were successful in getting me interested in finding out more about Astrid and the world
The Camera *
The Camera
We have adopted an unsual flowing camera paradigm for this game. You thoughts?
I liked the fact that the game is played in the top down angled view
I like the camera movements during key moments in the game being handled automatically
Fun Factor *
Fun Factor
And lastly....did you enjoy it?
I found the game enjoyable
I find myself curious about Astrid and the world of Jordenheim
I want to see more of the game