W.R.K.S Games was started with the lofty goal of creating an independent creator and publisher of amazing interactive content in imaginative universes of our own creation. Our work will span the creation of games, comics, books, animated series and more. Our Vision - to enrich the world with great stories, deep characters and memorable interactive experiences

Ownership and History

W.R.K.S Games is owned by the team and small number of external champions of our mission. 10% of the company shares are reserved for our permanent staff at all times. 2% is owned by James Towning our seed investor and the rest is owned by Kosala, our founder.

Founder and CEO


Kosala is the founder and CEO of W.R.K.S Games. Fulfiling a long standing goal of starting a game company, he is a technology sector serial entrepreneur and long time executive with an excellent track record of commercial product innovation spanning multiple industries. He also sits on the Board of Directors at Konekt Group in London and has been both socially and politically active throughout his life, balancing achievement with contribution.


  • Jan 2017

    • Initial team recruited to concept the Jordenheim Universe and first game

  • Jul 2017

    • W.R.K.S Games LTD founded in London, United Kingdom

  • Dec 2017

    • James Towning comes on board as Seed Investor

  • Jan 2018

    • New website launches

  • Apr 2018

    • Demo expected for Blood Bond - Into the Shroud

  • Oct 2018

    • PC Early Release of Blood Bond

  • Apr 2019

    • PC and Console Release of Blood Bond expected



Financial Status


W.R.K.S Games is pre-revenue for the moment. In order to assist in understanding how our expenses work and to assist any other indie game developers in their financial planning, we make available our running budget here for your viewing.

Corporate Citizenship

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Our goal is to be nothing less than the best employer in the industry. To do that we aim to fulfil a clear recruitment vision of diversity and inclusion, framed by excellence in execution across all disciplines. Read about our recruiting and retention pricinples below.

Cultural Ethos


Our goal is to create autonomous self regulating units that create value. In order to do that we need a clear mission and a way to achieve it. Values to live and work by, a definition for the things we aspire to. This is all enshrined in our culture deck.