Welcome to our Closed Beta 1!

Thank you for wanting to help beta test our products. Beta 1 is our first test of world environment and gameplay basics. So don't expect wild combat and a million things to do. This is the most foundational test for the basic framework of the game. You should have received a BETA access Steam Key if you were sent to this page. If not, then please request such a key by contacting us.

A couple of words to the wise before we get started:

The Mindset of the Beta Tester

Beta testing is not as fun as playing on a finished product. You are playing a work in progress. We aim to have a bug free build for every test, however there will definitely be unfinished and un-optimised features and portions of the game. So adopt an open mind to the effort and early on in the beta testing you are looking for the potential of what is to come. As the testing progresses down later cycles, the game will get more and more polished.


See our Trello Board.

Known Bugs

  • None.

Known Issues

  • Animations on characters other than Astrid are not always fully completed. Some polish required.
  • Level 2 quests are not yet implemented.